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 Request to join

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PostSubject: Request to join   Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:44 pm

LVL1 Clan Application

Please copy this entire section below (including rules) and fill out the following required info;

First Name: Mark

Forum Name: Markhawks

Battlelog Name: Markhawks

Battleog Profile Link: Markhawks

Age: 60

Location: Buffalo, NY

Reason for Joining: Been playing on this server for a while, and really enjoy hanging out with you folks. Would like to interact more with the group. Haven't been in a clan in a few years, and would like to try it out.

PS - how do you donate to support the server? I don't see an obvious link.


By Laws of LVL1 (Effective 2014-08-29)

Here are the rules of engagement for LVL1

1. While playing in any LVL1 servers, we required you be in LVL1's teamspeak (if in new member trial period).

2. While playing in a LVL1 server remember that you represent LVL1. Try to be courteous and fair. If you have Kick/Ban rights and if you are Kicking/Banning individuals for unfounded reasons (Example for bad kicks, Someone kills you, someone pissed you off a long time ago) If you are found committing wrongful kicking/banning, you are subject to having your admin rights removed (pending investigation if necessary)

3. Clan leaders decisions are final.


If anyone in the clan is caught using a hack/cheat and gets banned via Metabans/Fairfight. EACH member (Regardless of standing with LVL1, I.E. Clan Leader, Head Admin, Regular Admin, Ect.) will be subject to the following.

This does not include bans from individual servers.

The individual with the Global ban will be giving a 2 week grace period to get the ban lifted
After those 2 weeks the individual will be removed from the clan.

For the above offences, the individual MUST be banned via Metabans/Fairfight. Being suspect of using a hack will not suffice for punishment stated above.

5. These by laws are here to protect the Clan, as a whole. No lone Individuals are not protected/exempt from these rules. ALL members will comply with them.


Sign: Markhawks
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PostSubject: Re: Request to join   Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:52 pm

Come to ts and talk to us that's gives us a chance to talk. Thanks
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Request to join
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